Flight Crew (2016) Hindi Dubbed

Description : Talented young pilot Alexey Gushchin does not accept authority and acts in accordance with a personal code of honor. For failure to comply with an absurd order, he is prevented from flying a military aircraft again and in spite of that, he refuses to ask his father (famous aircraft engineer) for help getting back on the scene. He applies to a passenger airline and displays remarkable flying talent, landing a chance as an intern. Alexey becomes the second pilot-trainee on the Tu-204SM under the guidance of an experienced crew commander, the pilot Leonid Zinchenko. Their work relationship is not easy, but due to Alexey's talent, Leonid chooses to keep him at his side, even after more cases of insubordination (again, failure to comply with absurd orders).
Movie Name : Flight Crew (2016) Hindi Dubbed
Category : Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies (2016)
Genre : Action, Thriller
Starcast : Vladimir Mashkov, Danila Kozlovsky, Agne Grudyte, Katerina Shpitsa, Sergey Kempo, Sergey Shakurov, Elena Yakovleva, Sergey Romanovich
Release Date : April 21, 2016
Duration : 2Hrs 17min

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