Kung Fu Master (2018) Hindi Dubbed Dvdrip

Description : As a child, young Li Long get separated from his brother. Later he get abandoned in the forest where a shaolin monk save him and let him become a shaolin. Years goes by and Li Long receive information of his brothers whereabouts. When Li Long discover his brother has died in a car crash with his wife, and he now has a nephew that is all alone in New York, he choose to abandon his life as a monk and move to United States of America. Once in America he befriended the social worker Sarah who has taken care of his Nephew Michael. He also meet Dave, who is an admire of shaolin, and help Li Long to open a Kung Fu School. But what Li Long doesn't know is a Russian Mafia leader by the name Oleg has borrowed money to Dave and wants the money back. But after Li Long interrupted a match in his fight club, Oleg has given the monk two choices, one is fight for him in the club or he kidnap his student Mei. No longer a peaceful monk but a fighter of the most dark and brutal combat ever seen.
Movie Name : Kung Fu Master (2018) Hindi Dubbed DVDRip
Category : Latest New Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies 2018
Genre : Action,Drama
Starcast : Not Found
Release Date : 2018
Duration : 1 hour 22 minutes

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